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DOB: 02/21/2016
ADGA: D177879

Height:  23.6" O.H.

Hetlandcreek GL Sailor Jerry


Alpha s1 Casein: B/B 

Sire: Alethia SHH Gunsmoke N Lace +VV84

     SS: CH Algedi Farm Smokin' Hot Honey *S  VEE89

         SSS: Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter EEE91 

         SSD:  SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D EEEE91

     SD: Algedi Farm MH Moonlace

         SDS: Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey VVE88 

         SDD:  GCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M EEVE90 


     DS:  Pholia Farm CF Mr. Cellophane *B

         DSS:   Pholia Farm KM Copperfield *B +EV86 

         DSD:  Pholia Farm HJ Penelope 7*M VEEE90

     DD: Pholia Farm HJ Baraka 4*M VE++84

         DDS:  Algedi Farm H Hurricane Jimmy *S +E+82 

         DDD:   Pholia Farm HH Maxine VV++84 

Sailor Jerry is the friendliest, sweetest buck you will ever meet. He's a perfect gentleman to the ladies and still comes running to his owners for love and pets. Jerry is very flashy and comes from heavy milk lines.


Jerry's dam, Pholia Farm MC Barfly, has milked 1000#+ in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and milked 6.6# on her 2016 milk test (5th lactation).  Barfly has an appraisal score of VEVE90 (2015).  Jerry's littermate sister, Hetlandcreek Mocha Milk Stout, milked 4.5# on her milk test as a first freshener (2017) and milked 7.4# on her first milk test at 4 weeks fresh as a second freshener (2018). 


2017 daughter Hanson Hideaway SJ Rocky Road was Junior Grand Champion out of 37 competitors at 4 months old at Southwest Washington Dairy Goat Association show on 05/20/2017

2018 daughter Hanson Hideaway SJ Mounds was Junior Reserve Champion at the Clark County Fair on 08/08/2019

Linear Appraisal

2016 VVV V

2017 +V+ 84

Kidding History

2017 2 Does  /  6 Bucks  /  4 does bred

2018 2 Does / 1 Buck  /  1 Does bred

2017 Photos

Yearling Photos

Sailor Jerry's Littermate Sister

Sailor Jerry's full sister, HetlandCreek Mocha Milk Stout 6*M VVVV 87,

pictured as a second freshener (2018). As a 2nd freshener,

she milked 7.4# on her first milk test at 4 weeks fresh!

Mocha milked 1130# in 281 days (2018). 

Photo Credit: Wolfivan Ranch

Sailor Jerry's Dam

Dam: Pholia Farm MC Barfly 5*M  

Photo credit to Hetlandcreek

Sailor Jerry's Sire

Sire: Alethia SHH Gunsmoke N Lace 

Photo credit to Hetlandcreek

Sire's Dam: Algedi Farm MH Moonlace 

Photo credit to Alethia Homstead

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