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Sales Agreement
Sales Agreement

updated 08/21/2023

Any reservation or waitlist from Hanson's Hideaway Farm gives you options AFTER any retained kids.  We reserve the right to retain any kid bred by our farm at any time, at our discretion.

By placing a deposit or purchasing an animal from us, you have indicated acceptance to the following agreement and terms:

Priority is given to Performance Herds first that actively participate in milk tests, linear appraisal and/or ADGA sanction dairy goat shows.

We reserve the right to sell animals to what we feel are the best homes based on management and care. Deposits will be refunded for these reasons.

Reservations are free to be placed on our waitlist for a specific breeding.

Wether reservations are a running waitlist. Pricing for does is determined by linear appraisal score, genetics, milk production, milk stars, show wins, and/or any Champion, Top 10, Superior Genetic or Elite titles. 


Due to the flooding of the buck market, we STRONGLY feel that most bucks born on our farm will be wethered. We rarely offer bucks, unless the kid is out of a proven doe and sire. No intact buck will be offered from a first freshener. With that being said, if you are interested in a buckling out of a particular breeding, please let us know and we will gladly discuss keeping a buckling intact as a future herd sire for your herd.

A $200 non-refundable deposit for doelings & bucklings, and a $50 non-refundable deposit per wether will hold the kid(s) until weaning  (about 6 -14 weeks of age). If for any reason, after the deposit is made, the animal becomes sick or injured the deposit will be refunded. If the buyer changes their mind, or cannot complete the sale for any reason, the deposit will not be refunded.

If your reservation becomes available, the non-refundable deposit MUST be paid within 24hrs of receiving notice from us. At the end of that 24 hour period, if we have not heard from you, we will move to the next person on the waitlist.

If an animal is not available from the breeding you are on a list for, you will be notified that your reservation cannot be filled.

Paypal (friends and family option), Venmo and Zelle are the best method of payment, but if you need to pay by cash or check, let us know. 

Once the animal is reserved, it is the buyers responsibility to arrange pick up and pay animal purchase price in full. If the animal is not picked up by the arranged date, buyer will forfeit the deposit and the animal will be the sole property of Hanson's Hideaway Farm to retain or sell; unless other arrangements are made.

When picking up your animal, we request cash, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle for the balance due. Balances due must be paid in full before the animal leaves the farm. NO CHECKS will be accepted ON THE DAY OF SALE. If you need to send a final payment by check, check must be received 10 days prior to meet-up date. 


Goats/Sheep are herd animals and MUST have another buddy to be happy and healthy. 


We stand by the health of our animals and will provide proof of negative testing for CAE, Q-Fever and Brucellosis. (Click here to view our Biosecurity results

​Buyer has the option at the time of pick up to refuse the animal if they feel that the animal is not healthy. We cannot warrant the health status of a goat after it leaves our farm. All sales are final. Taking an animal off our farm implies that you have read and agreed to the sales agreement and are satisfied with the condition of the animal.

Once an animal leaves our property, we are not responsible for the health of the animal unless there is a case of genetic defect. If that is the case, we require a letter from a licensed veterinarian at the buyers expense before a refund/replacement is given. We do our best to ensure happy and healthy animals for their owners.

In the case of death; if an animal passes away within 72 hrs after leaving our property and you believe our farm is at fault, proof of death and a necropsy from a licensed veterinarian is required to receive a full refund for the purchase price of the animal. We have never had an animal death after leaving our property, but after witnessing this situation from other breeders, we feel this is best to protect you as a buyer and us as a seller. 

We do our best to place high quality animals. We can not guarantee how an animal will mature, their full grown height, how a doeling's mammary system will develop, or milk production from a doe. 

If you are an out-of-state buyer and need an animal shipped to you, we will gladly work with transporters by air and ground. We air ship out of Portland International Airport (PDX) out of Portland, Oregon. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs (crates, health certificates, tests and transportation to airport). We are willing to work with ground transportation services, but the buyer is responsible for finding a transport service and scheduling everything.

View transportation options here. 

At Hanson's Hideaway, our kids are raised the hybrid method and receive daily human interaction of love, kindness, and trust. We feel this method gives them the best opportunity to be well-socialized with both goats and humans. Kids are usually ready to go to their new home at 6 -13 weeks old. 


Hybrid method explained:

All of our kids start off with their dams and at ~one week old, we introduce bottles. We pull kids from their dams at night for 10 hrs, bottle feed all kids with their dam's milk in the morning, and reunite dam and kids during the day time. This insures that our does stay at a high milk production. We can usually send bottle raised kids home at 2-3 weeks old.  


First CD&T kid vaccine comes in-vitro, as we vaccinate our does 30 days before their due date. All kids will come disbudded (unless polled, this is done at one week of age) and up to date on Coccidiosis prevention. If sold as a wether, they will be humanely cut at 12-16 weeks of age based on the Farmer's Almanac "Best days for Castration".


Please note: We DO NOT give kids CD&T vaccines. We leave this decision to new owners. 

All animals leave with an individual health record sheet. All registered does and bucks leave with ADGA registration papers or a stamped duplicate. 


If you want to be placed on a reservation list for a specific breeding, please CONTACT US HERE. Be sure to specify which breeding(s) you are interested in, your name, and a contact phone number and/or email address.


Thank you for choosing a Hanson Hideaway animal! 

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