Harmony Heritage Farm 
DOB: 03/16/2016 
BREED:  Lacaune/Rideau Arcott/Cotswold/East Fresian

Livi is very sweet and loving soul. She looks out and cares for her little goat friends. 


( Livi x Grover ) 
DOB: 02/12/2019 
BREED:  Lacaune/Rideau Arcott/Cotswold/East Fresian


Grace is a sweetheart with her spunky, curious personality. Grace is always in your pocket, following you around to help out with chores. On occasion, Grace loves to get frisky like her goat friends; running and kicking out! Grace loves to be petted and loved on. 

Rambo's Dam, Ruthie

Photo Credit to Harmony Heritage Farm

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