Why dairy sheep?

We love the versatility of dairy sheep! What could be better than an animal that can give you beautiful wool, meat, and very nutritious milk! Our sheep are well socialized and full of personality. Sheep milk is much richer, containing higher amounts of fat, solids, and protein.  It is also naturally homogenized and is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. 

We only breed polled (hornless) sheep. Our sheep are primarily East Fresian crosses. East Friesian is considered the heaviest milking breed of sheep.  They normally produce twins, triplets, or quads and are easy lambers and great mothers. EF crosses tend to be much more hardy than purebreds. They're much hardier in health, go longer weeks in-between hoof trims, and are more parasite resistant. Tails are docked with rubber elastrator rings within 48 hrs after birth for health and sanitary purposes. 


DOB: 02/18/2016 
BREED:  Lacaune/Rideau Arcott/Cotswold/East Fresian

DOB: 02/12/2019 
BREED:  Lacaune/Rideau Arcott/Cotswold/East Fresian


DOB: 01/30/2019
BREED: East Fresian/Border Leicester