Old Mountain Farm All About It


+EV 83





DOB: 06/19/2019
ADGA: D2031058

Height: 23"

Sire: CH Old Mountain Farm All Over It *B EEE 91

SS: Old Mountain Farm Oliver Again *B

( NC Promiseland SayIt AgainSam  x Old Mountain Farm Oliv A SuddN EEVV 89 )

SD: CH Old Mountain Farm Natasha 3*M

( SG *B Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S x 2*M Old Mountain Farm Eleanor RW 2*D )

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Stag's Elain

DS: SG ++*B Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE 88

( ++B Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer V+E 86 x 2*M Deldale Fawn *D EEEV 91)

DD: SG NC Promiseland Nemesis 2*M VEEE 90

( Rosasharn SS Legolas *S VEV 90 x SG 1*M NC Promiseland BW Echo 2 2*D VEEE 90 )


06/05/2021 - Utah Dairy Goat Show, Logan, Utah: Grand Champion (1st leg)

Linear Appraisal

+EV 83

Kidding History

2021 - 3 does / 2 bucks / 1 doe bred

2021 2-year old Photos

2020 Yearling Photos

2019 Kid Photos

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith

Olly's Littermate Sister


First Freshening udder

Photo credit to Sweeter Than Honey Homestead

Olly's  Dam

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Stag's Elain

Elain pictured as a First Freshner from November 2019

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Stag's Elain

Elain pictured as a yearling

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith

OMF Stag's Elain's Siblings

Elain's Full Sister: SGCH Old Mountain Farm SleepNBeauty 3*M AR +VEV 86

Photo credit to Cade's Lil Farm

SleepNBeauty earned her permanent GCH title in 2018 as a First Freshening 2-year old

SleepNBeauty earned a Linear Appraisal score of VEVE 89 as a First Freshener

Elain's Full Sister: SG Old Mountain Farm Elke 3*M AR +V+V 84

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith and Wyl Smith

Elain's Full Brother: SG Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk +*B +EE 86

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith and Wyl Smith

Bold Elk is the sire to the 2017 ADGA National Champion Senior Doe and National Best Udder Doe, CH Old Mountain Farm Merriment. He is also the sire to the 2018 ADGA National Reserve Champion Senior Doe, SGCH Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk 2*M.


Bold Elk was chosen as the 2018 ADGA National Premier Sire.

Superior Genetics Designation and +*B in recognition of his progeny’s consistent dairy abilities.


A few of Bold Elk's progeny:

SGCH Old Mountain Farm Merriment 3*M - 2017 ADGA National Champion, 2017 ADGA National Show Best Udder
SGCH Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk 2*M – 2018 ADGA Reserve National Champion

SG Old Mountain Farm Wild Parti 1*M

SG Old Mountain Farm Anahid  3*M

Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart +B

SG Denbow Acres Farm Pantelina 4*M

SG FeatherNScale BE Solstice 4*M

SG FeatherNScale BE Aurora 4*M

OMF Stag's Elain's Dam

Elain's Dam: SG NC Promisedland Nemesis 2*M AR VEEE 90

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith, Wyl Smith & Jackson Pehrson

Olly's Sire

Sire: CH Old Mountain Farm All Over It EEE 91

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith

Sire's Dam: CH Old Mountain Farm Natasha

Photo credit to Cheryle Moore-Smith