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DOB: 04/06/2012

Passed on 04/28/2018
ADGA: D1661573

Height: 21.6"

The RD Milky Way 1*M


Alpha s1 Casein: A/A

Blue Eyes 

Sire: AGS MotherEarthsFarm RiverDancer

   SS: Camanna FS Sundancer ADGA# 1450492


       SSD: Kehilan CA Final Stand

       SSS: Sugar Pine FD Ocean Mist

   SD: Mystic Acres B'Udderscotch ADGA# 1557263

       SDS: Rosasharn Tom's B'Udder Up ++E81

       SDD: Mystic Acres Pandora

Dam: Camanna TD Celeste ADGA# D1450491


   DS: Deer Run Tuxedo

       DSS:  MCH New Home Farms Zachary Taylor

       DSD: Mountain Quest Snow Dancer

  DD: CH Camanna MM Bianca


       DDS: Camanna FJ Majestic Merlin

       DDD: Camanna MB Desiree

The RD Milky Way 1*M VEEE90 is a flashy, blue eyed doe who loves to be loved on. Milky Way excels in dairy strength with a nice mammary system, easy to hand milk teats, capacious udder, well attached all around, and peaked at 4.3#. ”E” in rump and mammary system. 


05/20/2017 Southwest Washington Dairy Goat Association:  Reserve Champion out of 48 senior does,

                        1st place x 1; 2nd place x 2

Linear Appraisal

2016 04-02 VVEV 87

2017 (PERM) VEEE 90

Kidding History

2014 Twins - 1 doe, 1 buck

2015 Twins - 2 does bred to Caprikodas REM Sir Titus VVE85 

2016 Triplets - 2 does, 1 buck bred to Sans Gene DE Occam's Razor *B ++V83 

2017 Triplets - 3 bucks bred to Hetlandcreek GL Sailor Jerry 

2018 Twins - 1 doe (DOA), 1 buck bred to CH Cedar View Benvenuto *B 

Milk Records

4th (2017) = 354 days in milk / 880 lbs milk / 61 lbs butterfat / 39 lbs protein 

Milk Way's 3rd Freshening

Milk Way's 4th Freshening

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